TAN Erwin

Patent Attorney
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Working Experience & Practice Areas

Mr. Tan has extensive experience in drafting, prosecution, reexamination, invalidation and litigation of invention, utility model and design patents. Mr. Tan also engaged in patent validity and infringement analysis, FTO search and analysis and strategic planning of IP portfolio, and provided several clients with IP training. His practice areas cover many industries, including computer science, artificial intelligence, big data, e-commence, augmentation reality/virtual reality, auto drive, Internet of Things, semiconductors, 3-D display technology, automobile engineering, train and railed transportation, hydraulic system, turbine engineering, electrical connector and equipment, electromechanical device, medical and implantable devices, consumable industry and electronics as well as other engineering fields. Mr. Tan has represented and earned trust from a number of clients, ranging from startups to multinational companies.

Mr. Tan started his IP practice in 2008 and took systematic and inclusive training in the SIPO and in several seminars.

Mr. Tan is a member of the All-China Patent Attorneys Association.

Working Languages

- Chinese

- English

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