• Patent Prosecution



    Patents are an essential part of protecting technical innovation. They are guarantees that research and development expenditure is able to be converted to real business benefits.


    Our patent attorneys work in all technical areas – computer science, semiconductors, robotics, automobiles, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, medical devices, 3D-display technologies, advanced manufacturing, cleantech and other mechanical and electronic engineering. With the broad technical scope and in-depth experience of our attorneys, we truly understand the technical background fundamental to the preparation or prosecution of an effective patent application.


    We are equally at ease whether we are working with corporate, IP attorneys, start-ups or universities. We are conscious that different clients have different requirements, and tailor our services to cater for the needs of our clients.


    - Drafting application documents

    • definitude technical concepts and solutions by communication with the client
    • arrange a rational layout of claims
    • rich and deepen the technical solutions
    • elaborate a specification with various alternatives
    • draft a Chinese application document based on foreign language


    - Translating application documents in foreign language

    • translate, proofread and finalize application documents with the help of CAT system and database of frequent terms
    • cover a wide range of foreign languages, including EN, DE, JP and KR
    • proactively adjust the wordings and formalities to meet the Chinese patent practice


    - Transmitting & responding to Office Action

    • understand the Office Action from the angle of a skilled profession with specialized knowledge
    • proactively obtain the prosecution histories of the family counterparts
    • formulate a transmittal letter with comprehensive comments based on local patent practice and the practice our clients are familiar with
    • grasp the instruction from the client and make inter-communication with the clients where needed
    • make a response to the Office Action incorporating opinions of the client and ours


    - Appealing before the reexamination board

    • report a Decision on Rejection with delicately formulated strategy of reversing the rejection
    • file a request for reexamination with persuasive arguments
    • make response to Reexamination Notice with comments in both technical and legal aspects


    - Providing monitor or reminder services in the prosecution and PPH procedure

    • monitor each and every deadlines or time limits, official, requested or internal, with due care
    • remind our clients of any approaching deadlines or time limits
    • remind the clients the opportunities to make voluntary amendments, divisional applications or Hong Kong/Macau registration and make the same
    • prepare all the documents needed to go through a PPH procedure
    • monitor and pay the annuities
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