• Dispute Resolution



    Dispute resolution is a regular part of many of our attorneys’ daily work. Our patent attorneys regularly handle all kinds of contentious IP matters in China, especially by offering advice on complex patent invalidation and litigation, as well as providing strategies for multi-jurisdictional disputes.


    - Invalidation


    Success at both attacking the validity of other people’s patents and defending our clients from third party attacks have great significance for our clients. It may determine whether their patents remain in force or whether problematic patents granted to third parties remain an obstacle.


    Kingsright’s patent attorneys prepare persuasive and forceful written submissions and give steady performances at oral proceedings. To this end, it is of great importance to be familiar with the procedural aspects of the invalidation process is imperative to avoid the many pitfalls, where our attorneys are skilled in.


    - Administrative Litigation


    Our attorneys with their expertise and experience are capable of helping our client in administrative litigation - if he, as a petitioner for request for reexamination or invalidation or the patentee of the patent to be invalidated, is not satisfied with the reexamination or invalidation decision – by instituting legal proceedings before court within three months from the date of receipt of the decision.


    - Infringement litigation


    Kingsright provides quality-guaranteed infringement analysis to our clients, enabling them to be aware of that if they may involve a tortious act or if their rights have been violated by a third party. Further dispute resolutions, such as settlements, invalidation or court proceedings, could be managed professionally by our attorneys, as well. We aim to resolve IP disputes as smoothly as possible with the best possible outcome for our clients.


    Our litigation team, consisting of highly experienced patent attorneys and ex-examiner of the Patent Reexamination Board, has successfully won several renown and high stake cases, not only invalidation or administrative litigation, but infringement proceedings.


    - Other disputes


    Kingsright also has the capability to deal with other disputes, such as various administrative enforcement, customs investigation or trade secret litigation.