• Other IP Affairs


    In addition to patent prosecution and dispute resolution, our intellectual property attorneys are experienced in a wide range of legal practice areas.


    - Patent Landscape Analysis

    Kingsrights supports the clients with multidimensional and multiform patent analysis, for the purpose of enhancing innovation efficiency, improving technology and patent competitiveness, entering the Chinese market preparedly.

    • Grasping the direction of research & development and patent portfolio of competitors in China
    • Mitigating risks of patent infringement and obtaining alerts for patent infringement risks to convoy the developing of Chinese or international market
    • Mapping the patent landscape information and the technology trend to avoid repeated research & development


    - Patent Mining and Patent Portfolio Management

    Many inventors understandably don’t have a complete picture of what patent is and how their technologies constitute a part of company's IP rights. Kingsright, after deeply understanding inventors' technology, helps transform the innovative technology into enforceable and magnetizable patent portfolios.


    We are especially well experienced in managing IP portfolios generated in the Chinese affiliates of the international corporate, smoothly bridging the communication gaps between the local inventors and the IP counsels in the headquarter.


    - Trademark & Copyright

    Kingsright trademark and copyright attorneys counsel clients in the selection, adoption, registration and enforcement of their trademark rights. Kingsright also conducts trademark availability searches and provides trademark-monitoring services of third-party trademark use. Kingsright counsels clients on copyright law issues in a wide variety of fields, from computer software to publishing.


    - Counseling & Tutoring

    Kingsright helps clients develop a proactive intellectual property strategy that drives value. We provide legal insight as part of clients’ product and business direction, and can provide opinions to assist with strategic decision-making.


    Kingsright's attorneys regularly give inventors presentations regarding Chinese or foreign patent practice and regulations.